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Maintenance Free Earthing Solution
Installation & Relocation of (VSAT) Earth Station
DC Rectifier (Enterprise/Last Mile) Solution
Battery Monitoring Solution
Power Distribution Frame

Maintenance Free Earthing Solution

Earthing is considered to be an integral part in all type of electrical installations, plays important role for safety & protection of human life, expensive equipments & property.

Even slight negligence may cause huge damage to the human life, equipment & property specially during direct lightning strikes or Induced Lightning Current in rainy season when Huge energy up to 200kA travel through earthing system connected with our equipment and that’s where, comes handy to provide earthing solutions for every installations in different soil conditions.
● Consist of two main component called “Earth Enhancement Material & Conductive Hygroscopic GEL- LOHM©”.
Completely Maintenance Free with life span of 15-20 years, sets up firmly, does not dissolve or decompose with time & changes in Weather conditions or does not pollute soil or the local water table, meets environment friendly requirement for landfill.
● Suitable for use in dry or slurry Form, is not dependent on water presence or moisture in the surrounding to maintain conductivity.
In its set form shall have a resistivity of not more than 0.07 ohm per m, conforms to IEC 62561 Part-7.
● It’s Non-Toxic, Non-Reactive, Non-Explosive, Leaching Free, Corrosion Free. Tested as per EN 12457-2, ASTM G59-97 and G102-89 & ISO 14869-1 method respectively.
Skin friendly; does not cause burns, irritation to eyes, skin etc.
● Hygroscopic properties absorb, retain & release the moisture around electrodes in dry conditions for best conductivity.
● Expands & Swells inside pit to remove entrapped air creating strong conductivity between earth electrode & soil.
● Diffuses into soil pores to create conductive roots enlarging conductive zone of earth pit.
● Suitable for any kind of electrode and soil with different resistivity.
● The main objective of a earthing it to low impedance (safe path) to dissipate lightning Energy, Induced & Short circuit current into ground to give stable platform to operate sensitive electronic devices, reduce losses & damages to the life, sensitive electronic devices, property, troubleshooting etc.
● To ensure system voltage on healthy line remain within reasonable limits under fault conditions thereby preventing insulation breakdowns.
● To minimize arching burn downs as in an earthed system arcing fault would produce a current in ground path thereby providing an easy means of detecting & tripping against phase to earth arcing fault breakdowns.
● To provide protection against static electricity from friction.
Think of Maintenance cost: Unlike conventional earthing system, this is completely maintenance free and hence does not require number to visit to sites once installed at site.
● Think of loss of revenue due break downs : Maintains resistance value within permissible limits even with change of weather conditions & ambient temperature.
● Hence malfunctioning, break downs, failures of sensitive electronics reduced to great extent, which is directly proportionated with loss of revenue.
● Think of loss of capital & assets: Reduction in fire breakdown & loss life, which is directly proportionated with capital & assets loss.
● Faster rollout: Less manpower & time required for installation.